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Tips before starting to tuft

This are some simple tips to help you having a better tufting experience! Before threading your gun you should turn it off for your security. Ear protectors will save your ears from the heavy noise. Duckbill rounded scissors will help you cut the yarn better. Always remember to draw your design backwards.

How to oil your tufting gun

This is how you lubricate your tufting gun in a few easy steps! A small brush of a toothbrush will help you clean your gun everytime you use it. Use lubricating grease or oil every one or two weeks.

How to make a tufting gun frame

Make your own tufting gun frame easily in a few steps! Buy wood strips and screw them together making a frame of your desired measurements Pul a nail every four cm on one side of your frame. Make sure the nails are bend towards the outside of the frame so the cloth doesn’t slide off.

Tips on how to thread your Tufting Gun

Quick and easy demonstration on how to put yarn through the tufting gun needle! The yarn goes first through the biggest hole from back to front. Then you can use a needle threader to help you put it through the needle.

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